Regulamentul campingului

To respond to your complaints or remarks responsibly, it is advisable that you should only refer to the reception.

Entering and staying at the Campsite means the automatic acceptance of the following terms:


◊ Upon arrival at the reception desk, all guests are obliged to fill in and sign the Registration Form with their data and the data of their companions. Guests must also deliver their Identity Card or Passport for confirming the above information. They also have to sign for the acceptance of the terms of the regulation of the campsite and for their consent regarding the use of personal data (GDPR) by Thalatta Camp SA. Afterwards they receive all necessary documents: vehicle card, camping mean sticker or accommodation key, pedestrian cards, which allow them the entry and movement into the camping area.
All guests are obliged to show these documents upon camping staff request.

Arrival time (rental accommodations): after 16:00’
Departure time:  before 11:00’

Arrival time (for guest’s own camping means): after 13:00’
Departure time:  before 11:00’

 On the date of departure, you have to deliver your site or rented accommodation by noon, before 11.00’

 The camping reserves the right after 12:00’ (departure hour) to enter the accommodation or to remove the tent/camping mean from its place. 

◊ Late check-out (departure after 12:00’) is possible only after taking permission from the Reception. Always depending on the availability and with an additional fee which applies: 50% of the overnight cost until 17:00’ & 100% of the overnight cost until 22:00’.

◊ Reception working hours:  7:00’ – 24:00’
Doorkeeper: 24:00’ – 7:00’

 Payments are being done between 8.00’a.m. and 22.00’p.m. 

 Gate opening hours for entrance-exit of cars: 7.00’ -  24.00’
 In case you wish to depart before the opening of the Reception, please inform the Reception desk one day in advance and make sure you have any pending arrangements already set. Your vehicle should remain outside the camp for that last overnight.

 Please on departure leave the place/accommodation clean, considering that other campers will be accommodated after you.


 All campsites are numbered. If you want to change site, please inquire at the reception first. 

 To pitch a second tent, to get electricity, or generally, before any change in the initial situation that the reception is aware of, please ask first.

 For any variation in the number of persons registered at your account, please inform the reception and make sure that such change is recorded.

 Any empty camping mean in a site, within the months May, June & September will be charged with the cost of the camping mean plus two adults, and within the months July & August, will be charged with the cost of the camping mean plus three adults.

 The company reserves the right to change position in camping means, if there is a special reason.


 In Thalatta Kalamitsi Village Camp there are 10 accommodation types of different models (types) by category of accommodation:
1. Mobile Homes (4 people)   2. Mobile homes (6 people)
3. Wooden mobile huts place A    4. Wooden mobile huts place Β
5. Caravans at the beach 4 people  6. Caravans at the beach 4-5 people  7.Simple Caravans
8. Luxury tents    9. Glamping tents    10. Simple tents

 Differences by category of accommodation refers to the lay out and the colors of curtains and furniture.

 It is forbidden to use the air conditioner during your absence from the accommodation.

 Do not let operate electrical and gas appliances while you are away from the accommodation.

◊ It is not allowed to move equipment outside the accommodation.

 For any loss or damage, there is a corresponding charge.


 Visits are only allowed following a permit and handing over of the visitor's Identity Card or Passport at the reception desk. Visitors must first pay the corresponding entry fee for the use of the shared facilities, regardless of relationship and length of stay.
For up to six (6) hours, visitors will be charged for day use and, for six (6) to twenty-four (24) hours, they will be charged for overnight stay.

 Visitors are prohibited from entering the campsite with their car for any reason.

 Visits are only allowed between 8:00’ - 24:00’.

 Visitors who will spend the night or day in your camping mean or accommodation, must be registered (with their ID or passport) at the reception desk upon arrival and departure. For your guests, the charges apply based on our pricelist

 In case a visitor or guest is found in a place/accommodation of a camper without having declared his visit to the reception, the Management has the right to remove the camper and the visitor from the campsite. 


 For vehicles, the maximum speed limit within campgrounds is 5 km/hour. Entrance into the campground of any driver exceeding the speed limit will not be allowed again in the future. Besides, the camp's security guard has the right to refuse entrance to any driver who, in his estimation, has consumed a large amount of alcohol or other substances.

 It is only one car allowed per rental accommodation or place.

◊ No entrance allowed to noisy cars / motorcycles

◊ It is obligatory that campers park their cars within the limits of their places. 
Parking in any other place within campgrounds will be charged with the cost of one tent plus two persons.

 Use of cars is only allowed upon entrance and exit from the camp, never for movement within campgrounds.

 Entrance-exit of cars is allowed from 7.00a.m. to midnight (7.00’ - 24.00’). If you wish to enter the camp after midnight, you will have to park outside and walk to the camp.

◊ Parking of boats, inflatable boats, and storing of fuel for engines within campgrounds, is prohibited.


◊ Respect the quiet hours, 24.00’ - 7.00’  and  15.00’ - 17.00’. At any other time, be aware of any noise you make.

 Use of sound systems in the campsite is prohibited.

◊ No entrance allowed to noisy cars / motorcycles

 Parents must ensure that their children comply with the rules of operation of the campsite and do not disturb the other campers.

 Sport activities are allowed only in the indicated areas & only at specific times, between 08.00'-15.00’  and 17.00'-22.00'.

 ◊ The playground opens at 8:00’ in the morning and closes at 24:00’ at midnight.
 It is forbidden to use the playground during the quiet hours.



 For bicycles/scooters/skates etc. the maximum speed limit in the camping areas is 5 km/h.

 The movement in the campsite, on bicycles by minors, is done under responsibility of their parents.

 Bicycles must have front and rear traffic lights.

 It is forbidden to bicycle inside the communal public complexes, as well as in the pedestrian corridors, in the camping square and in the yards of the dining areas. There are special bicycle parking spots next to these areas.


◊ Pets are allowed within campgrounds under certain conditions :
- Should not be left unleashed and unattended, within the campsite and especially at the beach.
- They should not be aggressive or annoying
- Pet owners must ensure that the natural need of the pets takes place outside the fenced area of the campsite and after at least 15 meters. Pet owners are responsible to collect the feces of their pets.
- Pets are STRICTLY not allowed at beach swimming areas (according to the Coast Guard) and inside the restaurants.
 - During quiet hours, dogs should wear a muzzle
- In case the pet disturbs, it is recommended that the owner removes it from the campsite.

◊ Inside the accommodations pets should stay in their travel bag or at the balcony/terrace.

◊ It is strictly forbidden to let pets on the beds/mattresses or sofa & generally you should take care to avoid any furniture damage .

 ◊ Pets are charged according to our pricelist

◊ It is necessary to have with you the Certificate of Vaccination and Health for pets and a copy of it, which must be delivered to the reception.


◊ The Company offers stay in nature and shall not be held responsible, among other things, for any accidents and other harmful effects of any activities, flora and fauna (insects, animals, plants, etc.), unforeseen events, natural phenomena, accidental events, or non-observance of the rules and regulations.

◊ The camp's management assumes no responsibility in case of theft or wear of any camping means and equipment. Placing of any valuables inside the camping means is done at the owners' own risk.

◊ The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by extreme weather events, fires, acts of God, or terrorist attacks.

◊ For the smooth operation of the camp, the safety of campers, and the overall aesthetics of the camp, any intervention-addition both to the campground and to the camping means - apart from the caravan, a front tent and one umbrella in each campsite- is strictly prohibited.

◊ Lighting of fires for BBQ or any other use throughout the campground or on the beach, is strictly prohibited (Article 2 of the Firefighting Order No. 2/2019 "Term of regulation of measures for the prevention and treatment of fires in forest and rural areas in the Prefecture of Halkidiki").  
For barbeque you should exclusively use the specially designated areas.

◊ Never throw lighted cigarettes. There is a risk of fire

◊ Campers are not allowed to make connection with water-supply or sewerage systems.

◊ There is a 24-hour guard at the gate / reception of the campsite.

 Parents / guardians of minors are obliged to have their children under their constant supervision.
In public areas (shops, toilets / showers, sports fields, swimming pool, beach, etc.) children must be accompanied by their parents / guardians, who are also responsible for their children’s safety and behavior.

◊ Children under the age of 14 can make use of different services provided, and take part in the activities of THALATTOPEDA KID'S FUNCLUB, only under the supervision and responsibility of their parents or guardians. 


◊ The electricity supply provided is 6 Ampere and is exclusively for lighting - radio - TV - refrigerator.

◊ Is explicitly prohibited the use of high-consumption electrical appliances exceeding 6 Ampere provided by the fuse box such as: electric ovens/cooking plates, washing machines, air-conditioners, electric grills, electric stoves, toasters, kettles, coffee machines.

◊ The power distribution boxes are exclusively operated by the camp's staff for safety reasons. All power outlets / sockets are connected to an anti-shock relay and in case of a short circuit or overload due to the use of high voltage devices (above 6 Ampere) the power supply will automaticlly be interrupted.

◊ For any failure of electrical appliances caused due to power supply, the Public Power Corporation (DEI) shall be held exclusively responsible.

◊ Campers are required to use durable cables, especially for outdoor use, made of black rubber to carry power and not common extention cables.

◊ Campers with their own caravans or motorhomes or tents must disconnect their devices from the electrical network during their absence.


◊ Emptying of chemical toilets is only done in the specifically designated biological areas.

◊ Washing of utensils and clothes is done only in the designated communal areas.

◊ From the outdoor water taps located in various parts of the campsite for watering the trees, you can get water but it is forbidden to wash dishes, clothes or cars. Respect nature and the environment, as soaps and stagnant water are sources of contamination and damage to trees

◊ It is strictly forbidden to install washing machines / dish washers.

◊ Garbage must be thrown in the rubbish bins only after they are closed in bags.

◊ Campers are responsible for keeping their space clean.

As part of the effort for balanced use and protection of the natural environment, are faithfully followed:

  • Installation of special glass recycling bins
  • Placement of recycling bins for generally recyclable materials in various places inside the campsite
  • Harvest of burnt oils
  • Lighting with energy saving lamps
  • Lighting using solar energy



  • Initially, you have to fill in the fields in the reservation form.
  • Reservation form is reservation request and does not commit the customer or the camping.
  • After the availability confirmation by the reception, for the requested period and after you have been deposited the 25% of your total order, then your reservation is valid.
  • Reservations for specific rental accommodation (option for type-model or location) cannot be done 
  • Reservations in specific place cannot be done (for your own camping mean) for less than 21 nights.
    For choice of specific place (from 21 nights and over stay), 
    within the period 1st of July until 31st of August, applies
    MINIMUM CHARGE per overnight: camping mean + 3 adults.
  • Reservations for rental accommodations must be above 7 overnights, for the months June, July, and August.
    Customers, who wish for booking less overnights are served according to the availability in shorter periods.
    For the months May and September there is no overnight limit.
  • Reservations for camping (for tent- caravan- camper of the customer) can be done for at least 5 consecutive overnights, for the period 01/7 until 31/8. Customers who wish to stay less overnights, within the above mentioned dates, are served according to the availability in shorter periods.


  • In case of cancellation by the customer- in more than 21 days before the agreed arrival date- the camping is obligated to refund the deposit (bank fees are borne by the customer).
    If the cancellation occurs-in less than 21 days before the agreed arrival date- the customer must pay half of the total amount of the cancelled order.
  • Cancellation is made to the entire reservation and not to a part of it.
  • In case the customer, arrives later than the arranged arrival date, or after his arrival at the camping, wants to reduce the length of his stay he will be charged with the 50% of total amount of nights canceled.
  • If the customers wish during their stay in camping, to prolong their stay, the company cannot guarantee the prolongation of the stay.(Regulation hoteliers’ client relations (Article 8 of Law 1652/30-10-86 FEK167A)

only for more than 21 overnights and only 
during the period from JULY 1 to AUGUST 31, the following applies:
MINIMUM CHARGE PER OVERNIGHT: camping mean + 3 adults

BOOKING CONDITIONS FOR PLACE SELECTION within the period 01.07-31.08:

  • Minimum stay: 21 overnights
  • Minimum charge: (camping mean + 3 adults) X overnights agreed
  • Deposit: the total amount of the minimum charge ((camping mean + 3 adults) X overnights agreed)


CANCELLATION POLICY FOR PLACE SELECTION within the period 01.07-31.08:

  • The deposit is refunded in full (bank fees are borne by the customer) if the cancellation of the reservation is made at least 45 days before the agreed arrival date.
  • The deposit is non-refundable: a) if all or part of the reservation is canceled in less than 45 days before the agrred arrival date, b) if the customer delays his arrival or in case of pre-departure.


Compliance of these rules and regulations is necessary for our small community. Non-observance carries the ancient penalty of ostracism......