Thalattopaida Kid’s Fun Club

Because we believe that game is the method by which each child gets pleasant experiences from an early age, discovers his senses, socializes, learns to deal with his fears, gains confidence and enhances his skills in a pleasant way.

Oriented for entertainment and the ultimate goal of knowledge, Thalatta Kalamitsi Village Camp, in the context of its activities, includes the "THALATTOPAIDA KID'S FUN CLUB". Α pioneering program for children's creativity, with wide-ranging appeal and acceptance.
Through daily soaking in a variety of options (camping, collective and traditional games, theatrical games, sports and excursions), our younger campers enjoy their holidays by channeling their energy and enhancing their expression in a creative way.

Location: Playground

Opening Hours (Thalattopaida): 18:00 'PM - 21:00' PM

For children  6-12 years

"THALATTOPAIDA" meet daily in the playground of the camping, having fun and creative activities with the help of experienced animators.
When the sun falls, the playground becomes an open air cinema with remarkable children's films!

Opening hours (children's cinema): 21:00 'PM -23: 00' PM