Luxury Tents at the Beach 4 persons

Please note: pictures above are examples of our various units. Individual unit looks and locations may vary. Click photo to enlarge.

Luxury tents of 4 persons (Bohemian) are located at the beach, on the sand and  consist of:  

  • 1 double mattress and 2 single mattresses
  • Electricity and lighting fixtures 
  • Fridge
  • Portable a/c
  • Thatched kiosk with table and chairs

Arrival hour: AFTER 16:00’pm
Departure hour: UNTIL 11:00’am

Please note the following:

  • Luxury Tents of 4 persons at the beach use the communal sanitary facilities (showers, washbasins, WC) and the communal kitchen areas (benches, sinks).
  • Luxury Tents are rented without additional services.
  • Bed Linen and Towels are not provided.
  • At this type of tent, the car is not allowed in the camping area.
  • Pets are allowed under conditions.
  • The camper who wishes to rent this type of tents cannot make a choice based on external or internal features of luxury tents. 
  • It is forbidden to use the air conditioner during your absence from the accommodation.
  • It is not allowed to move equipment outside the accommodation.
  • For any loss or damage, there is a corresponding charge.
  • Please on departure leave the accommodation clean, considering that other campers will be accommodated there after you.
  • In case you wish to depart before the opening of the Reception, please inform the Reception desk one day in advance and make sure you have any pending arrangements already set.

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FAQ about Luxury Tents at the beach

What is the difference between Luxury Tent at the Beach and Simple Rental Tent?

The Luxury Tent at the beach features mattresses, electricity, fridge, portable air conditioner, table and chairs, and is located right on the beach.

The Simple Rental Tent has only mattresses, a table and chairs, and is located within the campground.

Are all Luxury Beach Tents the same inside?

Luxury Beach Tents do not differ internally.

Can I choose a specific Luxury Tent?

This is not possible, since reservations are made only on the basis of availability of dates.

In which area is my Luxury Tent located?

All the tents of this type are located on the beach, on the sand (area Bohemian).

Is it hot inside the Luxury Beach Tents?

The Luxury Tents are located on the beach and there is no natural shade-trees provided. They feature portable air conditioning inside, and a thatched kiosk externally for extra shading.

Which accommodation is best suited for children?

All accommodations at Thalatta Kalamitsi Village Camp are suitable and can accommodate families with children.

How far from the beach is the Luxury Tent?

The distance of Luxury Tents from beach is zero, as they are located directly there, on the sand.

Are Luxury Beach Tents equipped with kitchen & related equipment?

This type of accommodation does not have a kitchen or similar equipment.

It only provides a fridge.

Luxury beach tents are served in communal kitchen areas with benches & sinks.

Do Luxury Tents have a bathroom?

Luxury tents have no bathroom.

They are served in communal sanitary facilities – showers, washbasins, WC.

Are Sheets & Towels included in Luxury Tents?

Bed linen and towels are not included in this accommodation type.

You have though the option to rent bed linen and towels.

How often is accommodation cleaned?

You receive the accommodation clean.

During your stay, you take care for the cleanliness of the Tent.

Are dogs allowed inside?

Dogs are allowed at the camping, but inside the accommodations they should stay in their travel bag or at the balcony/terrace.

It is strictly forbidden to let the dogs on the beds/matresses or sofa & generally you should take care to avoid any furniture damage .

You should always keep them on a leash inside the camping and you should take care for their impurities and not to bother the other campers.

Pets are not allowed inside the restaurants & super market.

According to Regulation of the Coast Guard dogs are not allowed at the beach or inside the sea when other bathers are there. 

At the beach bar it is allowed to keep your pet with you on a leash. 

It is necessary to have with you the Certificate of Vaccination and Health for pets and a copy of it, which you are going to leave at the reception.

Where can I park my car?

In this type of accommodation, the car remains outside the camp.

Can you provide us with an extra mattress?

No extra mattresses are provided apart those that already exist in the tent.

Can you provide us a baby cot?

The campsite does not provide / rent children's beds.

Though the arrival is after 16:00’ in the afternoon, if I arrive to the campsite earlier, can I get in?

In case the accommodation is ready, there is no problem to enter earlier.

Otherwise, you can only enter the campsite on foot, leaving an ID at the reception, until your accommodation is cleaned.

Why not to get in to the accommodation earlier?

Departures take place until 11:00’ am. Then it takes time for the accommodation to be ready, so that we deliver it clean and proper.