Enjoy holiday with your tent in the nature under the shade of dense rows of trees (pines, poplars and perennial olives) or a breath away from the sea!


Set up your caravan under the dense shade of trees (pines, poplars and centenarian olives) or overlooking the sea.


For the camper-car lovers, a welcoming environment, the spacious seats overlooking the sea and the quality of the services, will make you feel like home.


- FAQ regarding camping

What is the difference between category A and category L?

In A (premium) category belongs almost the whole camping area, (Sites with shade or without good natural shade, near the beach or near the rocks). This category is divided into areas, B, G, D, E, Z, H, K and the maximum distance from the beach is 1-1.5 minutes, on foot.

In L (economy) category belong a few places, circumferentially the two football courts and the basketball court. Category L is 2 minutes' walk from the center of the campsite and the beach.

All places are numbered, spacious, with the possibility to rent electricity and direct access to sanitary facilities.

In which category is my reservation?

The choice of category (A or L) in which you wish to stay, is made when booking according to your preference and the availability of dates.

In which particular place Nr. is my reservation?

Reservations are made based only on availability of dates.

The camper can choose the area -B, G, D, E, Z, H, K- always depending on availability.

From 21 nights and over stay and for choice of specific place
within the period 1st of July until 31st of August, applies
MINIMUM CHARGE per overnight: camping mean + 3 adults.

We want places next to each other with our friends...

You can book in the same area, but unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that the placess will be next to each other, since reservations are made based only on the availability of dates.

We always keep a notice, in such cases, so that at your arrival, at the reception, we serve you in the best way.

How many tents could fit in one place?

Depending on the size of your tents, location and equipment, one place can fit from 1 to 6 tents.

Are all places shaded?

The campsite is planted with poplars, pines and olive trees.

The majority of the sites are under natural shading. Some places have more and some less shade.

Place with shadow throughout the day cannot exist, since as we all know, the earth is turning.

Even though I have a reservation, I may have a place that does not have a shadow when I come?

Reservations are made based on availability of dates and not in specific spots.

So, there is a possibility that the spot, given from the reservation system, will be with limited or no shading - usually during the peak season.

At the reception we always try to serve in the best possible way.

How big are the places?

The places in the particular campsite are naturally delimited by trees, with the result that there is no specific size.
Generally, there are places from 45sqm. to 100sqm.

Are the places separated?

All seats are numbered. They are separated by natural boundaries - trees, shrubs.

How are tents, caravans and campers placed?

All camping means have to be placed within the limits of your spot.

In particular, caravans and campers are set vertically in relation to the sea, on the inner/back side of the spot.

What is the range of electricity?

The power supplied is 6 Ampere. You can use it for a lamp and a refrigerator. There is the possibility of 10 Ampere, with an extra fee.

Do all places get electricity?

It is possible to use electricity from all spots. Every 3-4 places there are fuse boxes.

It is advisable to have your extension cable with (20m).

How can I rent electricity / fridge?

You should ask for the service, Electricity and/or Fridge, when booking or on arrival or during your stay at the campsite, at the reception.

You will get the necessary adapter from the reception, which you plug in to the power box and to your extension cable.

You can stop the above services at any time of your stay by simply informing the reception.

The adapter must always be returned to the reception.

Fridge rental requires electricity rental.

Can I rent a fridge for personal use?

The fridge is rented exclusively for your use.  Placed next to your tent, after your arrival at the campsite.

The charge is indicated on the posted price list.

Is the water drinkable?

The water is not drinkable.

How can I get water to my caravan/camper?

There are taps in many spots of the campsite. You can connect the hose there to fill the water tank. Permanent connection to the taps is not allowed, as they are for watering the trees.

Can I use the taps in the camping for dishwashing etc?

It is strictly forbidden to use the taps in the campsite for dish washing, car washing etc, as the stagnant waters and soaps destroy the flora.

Where can I empty the chemical toilet from caravan/camper?

There are 2 points, in the D & E communal buildings, where you can empty the chemical toilet.

Where can I empty the waste water (grey water) of my camper?

There is a specific spot in the campsite for emptying waste water.

You should always notify the reception, as an usher needs to lead you to the spot.

Where can I park my car?

As long as you keep your car in the campsite, you should park it only within the limits of your place.

No parking is allowed on the road or in another place.

You can also park in the parking area (with charge). or outside the camp,

We have 2 cars, where can we park?

Only 1 car per place is allowed.

The 2nd car, after you receive a temporary entry card to load or unload your equipment, will then have to be parked outside the camp.

The temporary entry card is returned to the guard or reception desk within half an hour.

Are dogs allowed at the camping;

Dogs are allowed at the camping, but inside the rental accommodations they should stay in their travel bag or at the balcony/terrace.

It is strictly forbidden to let the dogs on the beds/mattresses or sofa & generally you should take care to avoid any furniture damage .

You should always keep them on a leash inside the camping and you should take care for their impurities and not to bother the other campers.

Pets are not allowed inside the restaurants & super market.

According to Regulation of the Coast Guard dogs are not allowed at the beach or inside the sea when other bathers are there. 

At the beach bar it is allowed to keep your pet with you on a leash. 

It is necessary to have with you the Certificate of Vaccination and Health for pets and a copy of it, which you are going to leave at the reception.