A magical world of relaxation, fun and creative activities, located in the center of the Camping, addressed to all children ages.

The playground equipment is certified by ELOT and meets all child safety and protection requirements. A children's paradise that promises endless hours of relaxation and fun .... for our little friends. All young campers of Thalatta Kalamitsi Village Camp can always, under the supervision of their escorts, spend wonderful time at the camping’s playground, that is well-designed for children up to 12 years of age.

The playground was created to entertain our small and big ‘’schnookems’’, but some rules has to be followed in order to be absolutely safe.  So protect your sprout by teaching some basic rules:

  • Make sure you're always near and do not take your eyes off your child.
  • Choose, for your child's entertainment, games appropriate for his or her age.
    For small children, for example, there are special plastic swings with a seat like ... pants.
    Swings that have large openings, or have no back, are for elder children.
  • Advise your children not spinning  the swing because  this will unwind as soon as they leave it and so they can get hurt.
  • Teach your child never to pass in front of or behind a swing when in use.
  • Advise your child to wait until the "merry-go-round" stops completely before climbing.  Also, ask them to hold well and not to jump on it.
  • Your child must learn when it's time to stand up at the seesaw. If your child gets up when the other kid is in the air, or if the other kid leaves the toy without having both children their feet on the ground, then surely someone will hit.
  • Finally, on the slides, it's a good idea to advise your child not to go upside down and wait for the other kids to go down and get up in order to move on. Also, it is necessary to learn not to sit on the base for too long, since the next child may not be so careful!

SOS Tip: Since there is always the chance that your little ones have small accidents, always carry a mini children's pharmacy with antibacterial cream, plasters, cotton and insect bite relief!