◊ Dogs are allowed at the camping, but inside the accommodations they should stay in their travel bag or at the balcony/terrace.

◊ It is strictly forbidden to let the dogs on the beds/mattresses or sofa & generally you should take care to avoid any furniture damage .

- Should not be left unleashed and unattended, within the campsite and especially at the beach.
- They should not be aggressive or annoying
- Pet owners must ensure that the natural need of the pets takes place outside the fenced area of the campsite and after at least 15 meters. Pet owners are responsible to collect the feces of their pets.
- Pets are STRICTLY not allowed at beach swimming areas (according to the Coast Guard) and inside the restaurants.
 - During quiet hours, dogs should wear a muzzle
- In case the pet disturbs, it is recommended that the owner removes it from the campsite.

◊ Pets are charged according to our pricelist

◊ It is necessary to have with you the Certificate of Vaccination and Health for pets and a copy of it, which must be delivered to the reception.