Greek cuisine

What makes Greek cuisine stand out from others is:

  • The pure products of Greek nature. Products of unique and unsurpassed nutritional value.
  • Proper use of herbs and spices, which almost all Greeks gather from mountains, countryside or from their garden. They are famous for their flavor, aroma and healing properties. As you taste some of the many different dishes, the aroma of oregano, thyme, spearmint or rosemary will enchant you.
  • The Greek olive oil, which is an integral part of the Greek experience. The olive oil accompanies almost all Greek dishes, in most of them in abundance, it is of excellent quality and very good for health.
  • And its simplicity, combined with the deep-rooted habit of the Greeks, that wants food, directly connected with friends/family and discussion.

Greek traditional recipes:

Greek salad



Greek Gastronomy & Recipes (source: Greek National Tourism Organisation)