Divine Sithonia

The second leg of Halkidiki, Sithonía, is home to the ancient city of Olynthus with its unique mosaics. It also has beaches that will take your breath away!

The vegetation on Sithonía is dense. The forests – pine chiefly – reach down to the beaches –a real treat for the senses.

There is a good balance of facilities for tourists in Sithonía.   Most beaches offer facilities such as umbrellas but there are plenty of others hidden away which have escaped any residential development.  Wander from beach to beach, beating your own well-worn path.   You’ll find creek after creek with turquoise water, white sand and stunning underwater landscapes.

Check out:
The refreshing red and white wines
Tsipouro - the intoxicating (in all senses of the word!) local spirit
Delicious locally produced cheese
Scrumptious jams
Honey (it does you good too!)